25% Down, with the slogan "streamlined - find out how Hero have streamlined their development procedures, and how the savings have been passed on"

Streamlined Development

Recently, Hero have been working hard to streamline development for our bespoke solutions. So much so, in fact, we've managed to cut our average development time down by 25%. This not only means we can deliver your bespoke solution quicker than ever, but we can also pass on the cost savings to you in the quotations we give. So, how have we done it?

Drop In Components

Although every application is different, there are certain common elements in most. For instance, most applications have dropdown boxes, so most applications need a tool to manage the options that appear in those dropdowns (e.g. allow you to add new options in). That's where our Dropdown Manager comes in. And there are many other examples as well.

Our Drop In Components are common tools that can be dropped in then customised within your application. This gives us a nice head start, and allows us to pass on the cost savings to you.

Below are a list of some of our drop in components, although new ones are constantly being developed. Remember, these components can be customised to your exact needs - we still believe in providing 100% bespoke solutions.

Dropdown Manager

The Dropdown Manager allows you to modify the available options for dropdowns boxes within your application.

The Dropdown Manager

Report Manager

The Report Manager provides a common interface to run reports on database data and view or export the results. Reports can be categorised, and permissions can be set up to control what reports are available to certain users. The interface also allows custom filtering, sorting and grouping so you can customise the preset reports made available. All we have to do is write the underlying queries for each report, and the Report Manager can be dropped in. The Report Manager also makes it easy for us to add any additional reports you may require in the future.

The Report Manager

Audit Log

Auditing changes to records is always useful. The audit log will show vital information about a modified record (i.e. when, who and what) as well as allowing you to restore a deleted record if required (like the Recycle Bin in Windows). With a little additional coding, data auditing can be added to your application quicker than ever.

The Audit Log

Error Log

Any runtime error that occurs within an application is automatically logged and can be viewed in the Error Log. The log can be easily exported and emailed, allowing us to quickly see the route of the problem and solve any bugs quickly and efficiently. Although probably a lot of 'jibberish' to you, the Error Log has proved itself time and again to be an invaluable part of our applications.

The Error Log

New Code Generation Tool

Developed in-house by Hero, our new code generation tool allows us to automatically generate code for the backbone of your application. The code generated follows our normal procedures and standards, based on industry-standard conventions and best practices. Once the code is generated it can then be customised as needed. The tool has helped us to significantly reduce the time taken to code the 'skeleton' of each solution we develop.

Other Development Tools

As well as development tools created in-house, we also use a number of other tools and applications to streamline the development process and allow rapid application development. These are summarised below: