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Economic Downturn Woes

Author: Scott McLaren (Hero Solutions)
Date Posted: July 2013

Most of the time people would think that a development company would be the last person to get in touch with during an economic downturn. The idea of spending money on IT for software, hardware or training of staff at this time does not seem sensible.

Yet is it not at this time that a company should be looking to squeeze every ounce of efficiency out of the staff and resources they have?

We currently have a client who have 2 people retiring and as they were going the work they did was evaluated and the client realised that with modern software tools and improved business processes they would not need to replace both people. Complex spreadsheet systems were drawn together into a single application and the data maintained in a more simple fashion. Hours of time were spent at the end of each month drawing up the required numbers and with the new system these were printed out at the touch of a button. More importantly to the company, these were now available at any time not just at the end of the month and could be presented to their clients when requested. So an unexpected side effect was also an improvement in customer service.

As part of the project other staff were given IT training to allow them to better use the products they had and it also allowed them to handle work which was previously being handled at a higher managerial level.

When the initial quote was made for this project the company nearly did not go ahead, but then they worked the numbers. Saving on the recruitment cost of the new person alone paid for a third of the project and added to the the ongoing salary saving and other benefits they began to realise they would be very unwise to carry on in their old ways when the new way would save the so much money.

So each company should at all times, even more so in a downturn, look very closely at the way their business handles all its data and processes. How many things are being carried in a certain way because “Its always been done like that” or because the staff doing that way don’t have the skills to do it another more efficient way?

Part of the services we that Hero Solutions offer is to help you examine your companies use of IT and to make sure you get the best out of it. It might simply be that your staff need some training on better using the systems they have, or it could be you have got to a point the way they are doing things now have outgrown the systems they use and are proving very inefficient and time consuming.

Whatever the case we can usually always find a way to save the company money.

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